As an InnerLifeSkills Master Coach, my passion is to support you to connect with your inner resources, to pursue your dreams, and live a life that is 100% true and authentic to you.  This, from my experience, creates an unbounded sense of freedom, happiness and wellbeing.

I like to use the metaphor of the life cycle of a butterfly... With the challenges of modern day life, family/friends/colleagues, as well as our own pressures on ourselves, we often feel cocooned or trapped in our lives, like a caterpillar in its Chrysalis. We feel we are not living life fully, feel we can't move forward and know that there is more out there in life and to who we are as a person. In this Chrysalis phase we are often unhappy and unfulfilled with life.

Transformational Coaching works to overcome challenges, reconnect you to your strength, discover new opportunities and TRANSFORM to be in the world as your full potential. 

The question is: 'How long do you want to wait until you transform into a Butterfly?'