As a Certified LIFE Coach and Female Entreprenuer Coach, it’s my passion to support you in getting clear on what you truly want in life, realise your true potential and support you in taking positive action to fulfil your potential and live your best life.

COACHING guides you to be truthful to yourself, to get absolute clarity on what is really going to make you feel fulfilled in your life. Coaching helps you to overcome inner obstacles, such as procrastination, worry, low self esteem and confidence, that may be holding you back from taking action.

I like to use the metaphor of a LIFE CYCLE OF A BUTTERFLY... We often feel cocooned or trapped in our lives, like a caterpillar in its chrysalis. We feel we are not living life fully, feel we can't move forward, and know that there is more out there in life and to who we are as a person. In this chrysalis phase we are often unhappy and unfulfilled with life.


COACHING helps you to get 'unstuck', get really clear on what you want, and supports you in taking action to make changes and move towards your true desired future… to become the true butterfly in the world that you were born to be.

BUSINESS COACHING overlaps with LIFE COACHING, with so many of the obstacles that hold us back in our business being ‘inner’ obstacles, rather than external ones. I work with female Entrepreneurs across the globe, as their weekly coach, to help keep them on track with their growing success.