I worked for over 15 years in International Media, for Global brands including National Geographic, TIME Magazine and CNN.

From the outside it looked like I had a dream job... Director level, working in various exotic destinations, earning a great salary... however it never felt quite right, quite what I was meant to be doing with my time. It gave me great experience and salary, however on the inside there was a level of unfulfiment at the end of each week, each year. And a knowing that there was something else that I should be putting my time to... investing my life in.


In 2014 I had a life changing experience, meeting an inspiring Coach & Trainer, whom I ended up training to become a Coach with myself. I had been feeling unhappy for while, had finally taken my head out of the sand, and wanted to make a change. Fear was constantly knocking at my door every time I thought about it, and I knew I needed someone to support me and walk next to me on this journey.

Knowing my true purpose in life was to be helping people and empowering them to flourish and live their best, happiest lives possible I trained as a InnerLifeSkills Master Coach. This new profession has given me the fulfilment and sense of Purpose I had been looking for, and it has had great impact on all areas of my life.

It's true what they say: 'When you love what you do, you don't 'work' another day in your life.'

My mission is now to help you follow your heart, pursue your dreams, and live a life that is 100% true and authentic to you.  My mission is to help you to realise your full inner potential, to transform and live your life fully. This, from my experience, creates an unbounded sense of  happiness and wellbeing.