'Wellbeing' is one of the key pillars in the foundation of a life of success. In fact Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, defines it as the crucial 'Third Metric to Creating a Life of Success' in her best selling book 'Thrive'.  


Working in the corporate sector as a professional or running a business, places taxing and challenging demands on all aspects of your being. As your coach, we work closely together to ensure you have this Third Metric 'cracked'! as well as supporting you to overcome any obstacles holding you back from thriving in your business.

From a place of wellbeing, comes greater Energy, Balance and Creativity, with more focused decision making and better relationships - inside and outside of work. 

It is easy to put this one on the bottom of the 'To'do' list, and when we do it often has a damaging impact on our efficiency and effectiness in working on priorities higher up the list.  As your Coach, I keep you accountable to ensuring the pillar of wellbeing is a strong and flourishing foundation for you and your business.

I'm qualified with the latest skills and techniques as an INNERLIFESKILLS® MASTER COACH, NLP (Neurolinguistic-Programming) Practitioner and Emotional Release Practitioner, however, as with all effective transformational work, my training is only a part of being a Coach. My diverse life experience, as well as my own journey of personal development and transformation, add an important layer of experience and skills.

I work with clients in the UK and Internationally, predominately via Skype/Zoom - which works best with people's busy lifestyle.  I also work in person with clients in Cheshire, UK.