My passion is to support you to reconnect with your powerful inner resources, to pursue your dreams, and live a life that is 100% true and authentic to you.  This, from my experience, creates an unbounded sense of freedom, happiness and wellbeing.

Please also see my Business Coaching and Wellbeing, and Beautiful Inner Living pages.

In creating effective transformation, I work individually with your needs, combining relevant skills and processes. I help you to let go of what is holding you back, clarify what you truly want, and set the direction and path to get there. Together we take an aerial view of all important areas of life, assess what areas you would like to see change in, and work together to move you forward towards these goals, and at the same time focusing on achieving your highest wellbeing.  

I'm qualified with the latest skills and techniques as an INNERLIFESKILLS® MASTER COACH, NLP (Neurolinguistic-Programming) Practitioner and Emotional Release Practitioner, however, as with all effective transformational work, my training is only a part of being a Coach. My diverse life experience, as well as my own journey of personal development and transformation, add an important layer of experience and skills.

I work with clients in the UK and Internationally, predominately via Skype/Zoom - which works best with people's busy lifestyle.  I also work in person with clients in Cheshire, UK.

Our Coaching Relationship begins with an introductory 'POWERFUL COACHING CONVERSATION' where you can experience what coaching could do for you, how it could help your current challenge, and how it could help transform your life in the future . We can then decide if we are a good fit to move forward. I work with clients across all time zones and Empowering Coaching Conversations can be done via Skype/Zoom/Phone, and where possible, in person.