We spend a huge amount of our time at work. We can feel it defines us as people, and gives us a sense of identity. Yet more than 70 percent of workers say they don’t feel satisfied with their career choices. Being unsatisfied in our job often impacts our happiness in other areas of our life; our wellbeing, our relationships, our habits and our behaviours.

What would it feel like to be waking up in the morning with passion, drive and excitement for the day ahead…? What affect would it have on your self esteem and confidence to be doing work that felt authentic, meaningful and aligned with your life purpose? How would you feel at the end of each working week?


LIFE COACHING guides you to be truthful to yourself, and get absolute clarity on what it is that is really going to make you feel happy and fulfilled in your life.

Often we are living our lives from a 'should' perspective; what our parents/ peers/ partners or society says we 'should' be doing. Sometimes we have been following someone else’s dream for so long we may feel lost or confused at what it is ‘we’ even want in life.

Often we have an inner knowing or passion of what we think we would truly like to do, but so often ‘fear’ stops us from moving forward, which usually manifests as negative thoughts of ‘You’ll never be able to do that! Who do you think you are? You better just stick with what you are doing (and be unhappy!?)’…

Coaching around your career aims to help you get clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

All Coaching relationships start with an exploratory conversation - get in touch for a Coaching Introduction Call to start your journey.


“Lindsay was motivational in getting me to evaluate my career and my aspirations and take positive steps towards achieving my goals. Her comprehensive coaching approach requiring self assessment of all areas of my life and where I felt I needed to focus the most in order to achieve the results I wanted bore fruit. The outcome of my career coaching sessions with Lindsay got me a new job in a new country, which is exactly what I wanted. Lindsay held me accountable for doing the work and taking the steps in order to create the change I wanted. Lindsay’s enthusiasm, energy, positive attitude and targeted questions enabled me to envision and strive for what I wanted which got me results!”

Valerie de Liede Kerke, UK

“Lindsay's skillful and gentle guidance helped me to refocus and gain clarity about my passion and purpose. She intuitively understands how to gently question, seek answers and nurture, all at the same time! She is full of compassion and understanding, and I felt reassured and empowered through every step of my coaching. I now feel back on track; I'm confident to pursue my aspirations to write, and I have a positive mindset towards that goal.

Lindsay is a professional, skilled and knowledgeable coach and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to explore, find and live to their truest potential! Thank you Lindsay!"

Debbie McKenna, UK

"Lindsay is a wonderful coach. She's brings lots of positive energy to her role and is a patient listener. In helping you explore issues from different perspectives, she applies a range of helpful techniques and experiences, a lot of it centred around connecting mind and body.

Having worked in several capacities and places in the world, she brings a wealth of understanding and empathy -- especially around struggles related to big career and life changes. She can help you set goals and stick to them in manageable ways. I highly recommend her.”

Alexandra Shaw, USA

"Lindsay helped me through the most difficult time of my life. l was struggling to find where my life was going. I felt confused and deeply unhappy, and was finding it difficult to make any decisions about my future. Lindsay talked me through my feelings, fears and goals for the future. We wrote a plan to guide me through those difficult months, a plan that I still refer to. 

Lindsay has a lovely calm and understanding approach which helped me to unravel my feelings. Lindsay is a skillful coach but the real difference is that she has genuine empathy and the ability to get to the heart of the person she is with. She has very special gift, and I will be forever grateful to her."

Vicky Courage, UK

"I worked with Lindsay after suffering the loss of a business and I was feeling very depressed and stuck. Lindsay helped me to access my highest self to get the guidance I needed.

The sessions leave me feeling really positive and in control of my destiny. I feel confident and excited that I am now taking the right steps to my future."

Becky Porter, UK

"Lindsay has a very down-to-earth coaching style and is such a genuine and kind person. She made me feel completely at ease, even with sharing my deepest fears and insecurities. Lindsay's encouragement and insight have given me the confidence boost and clarity of direction I was seeking as I struggled to navigate a difficult life transition, after loosing my father, then being made redundant, and then have a baby - all within 6 months. Lindsay's calm, positive and intelligent approach was just what I needed." 

Celia Staton-Jackson, UK

"Lindsay is a gentle soul who combines well-developed coaching skills with a beautiful blend of people sense, love and compassion for the ups and downs of the human 'condition'.

Working with Lindsay is a gentle and nurturing process, and with much patience and encouragement from her to get through mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Her methods of working with subtle and intuitive processes have been very helpful to me, taking me each and every time to a profound affirmation that the answers to all our questions are contained within us - we just need guidance to access them." 

Charmaine Smith, South Africa