Whether you are suffering from mild anxiety or overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks, the whole experience can have a huge impact on your quality of life, and you are not alone.

Anxiety is now a modern epidemic, greater than depression. More than 264 million people globally live with some kind of anxiety disorder. Women and people under 35 are particularly affected. How can we reduce anxiety?

After overcoming anxiety personally, anxiety management is one of my core focus areas in group workshops, as well as managing anxiety through one-on-one life coaching.


I’m sure if you are reading this, and experience anxiety, like me you may have read endless books, watched videos, and reached out for advice to try and find that ‘golden’ technique to help you overcome anxiety overnight.  Has anyone found that yet?!...

In my coaching practice overcoming anxiety is a process; one that starts with understanding how our brains work, and how our negative fearful thoughts are actually the key culprit in creating this experience of anxiety.  

Everyday we are telling ourselves 'stories' about our world through our thoughts. What is the ‘story’ you are telling yourself about your world? Is this story creating a lens of 'fear' or a lens of 'happiness'?

We write the scripts of our lives through our thoughts every living moment... You are the script writer of your life, and it's often on 'negative autopilot'.

After becoming aware and identifying our thoughts, beliefs and stories that are causing the anxiety, we look at retraining the way we think, creating new neural pathways to create healthy inner wellbeing and a more harmonious experience of life.

The final element is becoming aware of the 'unconscious choices' we may be making in our lives that are contributing to this anxiety and unpleasant inner feelings. So we can move forward in ensuring we are creating sustainable 'Beautiful Inner Living'

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