Self-esteem and confidence go hand in hand; when we feel authentically good about ourselves (positive self-esteem), we feel more confident, and this is a deep, grounded inner confidence.

Low self esteem, particularly for women, and this feeling that 'I am not enough' comes up in almost every coaching conversation. In one way or another most people have an area in their life where they feel they are 'not enough'.  We may feel we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, fast enough, clever enough, skinny enough, 'whatever' enough... Ultimately we have this feeling that we are 'not enough' and this directly impacts our self confidence and self esteem.


This voice that is telling us that we are not good enough, is an inner 'critical' voice, that has often been generating negative thoughts for so long that they have now become inner 'beliefs'.  

Working to understanding where these thoughts and beliefs come from is the first step in overcoming them. Through workshops, coaching and deep process work I help individuals identify the patterns of low self esteem and low confidence that have been keeping them trapped, and help them to start to create a new way of being and feeling, that feeling of 'I AM ENOUGH'.

Creating long lasting healthy self esteem and greater confidence comes from within. We are often looking 'outside' of ourselves for things to make us feel confident; 'when I lose weight - then I will feel good' or 'when I have that car - then I will feel good'. Unfortunately this is often short lived and we are then looking for the 'next thing' to make us feel good.  We also have a subconscious fear that if we are dependent on that thing to make us feel good, and if we lose that, i.e put on weight again we will then lose our self esteem and confidence.

When we feel good independently of these things we feel grounded in who we are, and have an inner confidence that can't be taken away from us. 

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