Below are a selection of testimonials and reviews from clients in Cheshire, UK and overseas.


"Lindsay is an amazing life and business coach, her approach is professional, empathic and genuine. She has a great ability to facilitate and draw out fundamental issues and ideas to move you forward through her coaching, removing obstacles and stumbling blocks. The Journey process she uses get deep into the core of challenges holding you back; often emotive and historical difficulties, Lindsay helps you work through these in such an insightful way, whilst providing a safe environment. Working with Lindsay has helped not only to shift some of the things holding me back personally and professionally, but to smash through them. I continue to work with a Lindsay to get the best out of me and I would definitely recommend working with Lindsay to take your life and business to the next level (particularly if you’re a female entrepreneur like me). Lovely person, and fantastic coach!"

                                      Tina Royles, UK

"Lindsay is a professional, skilled and knowledgeable coach. I have greatly benefited from Lindsay's range of coaching abilities including goal-setting workshops, The Journey process, presentations, and 1:1 coaching. Lindsay's skillful and gentle guidance helped me to refocus and gain clarity about my passion and purpose. She intuitively understands how to gently question, seek answers and nurture, all at the same time! She is full of compassion and understanding, and I felt reassured and empowered through every step of my coaching. I now feel back on track; I'm confident to pursue my aspirations to write, and I have a positive mindset towards that goal. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking to explore, find and live to their truest potential! Thank you Lindsay!"

Debbie Mckenna, UK



"Deciding to work with Lindsay was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Her supportive, kind hearted approach was beautifully balanced by her professionalism and her commitment to being my coach. In other words, she motivated me to “do the work” where I would have simply given up in the past. 

Lindsay has energy, enthusiasm, and empathy. She is practical, knowledgeable, intuitive and wise.  She is one of those rare gems who has found their calling in this work and it shines through in every way. I’m overflowing with gratitude and appreciation".

Candi Giacchetti, UK

"Lindsay is a fantastic coach. After my first coaching session with Lindsay,      I felt I had a much better insight into certain aspects of my business which I needed to focus on. The session was excellent for exploring options and issues, and then for considering some thoughtfully derived options. I was able to rule some out and prioritise others for further research, with Lindsay as a guide. This was done with a clear mind and I feel that I am much better placed to create a plan and task list. I would certainly recommend Lindsay to others who want to spend time thoughtfully considering the question "How do I improve my business?"

Rob Hart, Manage & Thrive, UK

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"My sessions with Lindsay helped me to gain perspective and make positive changes in the way I approached difficult decisions and situations - both in my personal and professional life. Her carefully chosen questions helped me to get through mental and emotional blockages and find my own answers and solutions.  Lindsay's beautifully gentle nature instantly turns every session into a peaceful, safe space. Thanks to her subtle, poignant guidance, I was able to find myself unearthing long searched for answers." 

Anna Gasiorek, Germany

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"Lindsay has a very down-to-earth coaching style and is such a genuine and kind person. She made me feel completely at ease, even with sharing my deepest fears and insecurities. Lindsay's encouragement and insight have given me the confidence boost and clarity of direction I was seeking as I struggled to navigate a difficult life transition, after loosing my father, then being made redundant, and then have a baby - all within 6 months. Lindsay's calm, positive and intelligent approach was just what I needed." 

Celia Staton-Jackson, UK

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"I worked with Lindsay after suffering the loss of a business and I was feeling very depressed and stuck. Lindsay helped me to access my highest self to get the guidance I needed.

The sessions leave me feeling really positive and in control of my destiny. I feel confident and excited that I am now taking the right steps to my future."

Becky Porter, UK


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"Lindsay helped me through the most difficult time of my life. l was struggling to find where my life was going. I felt confused and deeply unhappy, and was finding it difficult to make any decisions about my future. Lindsay talked me through my feelings, fears and goals for the future. We wrote a plan to guide me through those difficult months, a plan that I still refer to. Lindsay has a lovely calm and understanding approach which helped me to unravel my feelings. Lindsay is a skillful coach but the real difference is that she has genuine empathy and the ability to get to the heart of the person she is with. She has very special gift, and I will be forever grateful to her."

Vicky Courage, UK

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"Lindsay is a wonderful coach. She's brings lots of positive energy to her role and is a patient listener. In helping you explore issues from different perspectives, she applies a range of helpful techniques and experiences, a lot of it centred around connecting mind and body. Having worked in several capacities and places in the world, she brings a wealth of understanding and empathy -- especially around struggles related to big career and life changes. She can help you set goals and stick to them in manageable ways. I highly recommend her."

Alexandra Shaw, UK


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"Lindsay is a gentle soul who combines well-developed coaching skills with a beautiful blend of people sense, love and compassion for the ups and downs of the human 'condition'. Working with Lindsay is a gentle and nurturing process, and with much patience and encouragement from her to get through mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Her methods of working with subtle and intuitive processes have been very helpful to me, taking me each and every time to a profound affirmation that the answers to all our questions are contained within us - we just need guidance to access them." 

Charmaine Smith, South Africa

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"I really needed something to enhance my abilities in speaking. Lindsay helped me tremendously with her sessions at a time when I needed it the most.  I had a great fear of public speaking and I had to be an MC for a big event and was really freaking out. Lindsay guided me beautifully and helped me overcome my fears. I visualised myself taking the stage with confidence and played out the whole thing the way I would like it to happen. Embracing my inner resources I felt so fearless and motivated after the session and I pulled off the MC job brilliantly and with confidence. I am forever grateful to Lindsay for assisting me to overcome this communication block which was stifling me. Now I naturally expressing myself with confidence and passion - living my life to the fullest."

Farah Manjoo, South Africa